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SafeStart has helped 3,000+ companies improve their safety performance

The following is a selection of clients who have used SafeStart and/or SafeTrack to improve the safety of their employees and the overall performance of their safety system. Some of these companies implemented SafeStart years ago while some have just begun. They may represent a single site or multiple sites around the world with thousands of employees. We value all of them (and hundreds of others not shown here) for their commitment to improving safety.

Alphabetical Customer Listing

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Inclusion in this list does not necessarily indicate the company’s endorsement of the program. For companies with multiple sites, not all sites may be using SafeStart at this time. It would be impossible for us to know the extent of usage, stage of implementation, or specific results for all of our clients, however if you are looking for more details or would like a referral to someone in your industry, please contact us.