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SafeStart Home Program

SafeStart Home Kit

The kit includes a simple instruction guide, a Boo Boo Bandits Game, 2 CERT cards, 2 “sticker” CERT cards (for your medicine cabinet or first aid kit), 2 SafeStart key tags and a Poster.  It also includes these 4 DVDs:

Taking SafeStart Home

In three parts, this DVD helps the employee introduce the SafeStart concepts to their family using video, stories and the SafeStart cards.

Taking SafeStart Home
Boo Boo Bandits

This entertaining DVD will get young children excited about safety, teach them how to avoid injury by recognizing hazards and help pave the way for learning SafeStart.

SafeStart Boo Boo Bandits
Hurt at Home

An introduction teaches everyone how to communicate the SafeStart concepts with each other, while additional segments further address specific age groups.

SafeStart Hurt at Home
SafeStart on the Road

As an excellent precursor to the full SafeStart course, this DVD will get teens and parents talking the same language about driving safely.

SafeStart on the Road