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Conference/Corporate Speaking

We participate in well over 100 health and safety events around the globe each year where, in most cases, one or more of our consultants or speakers present a dynamic, informative and motivational session or keynote address.

Our primary speaker group (shown right) consists of some of the best presenters in the industry. Their vast knowledge of and unique perspectives on safety make their sessions very thought-provoking.  Their experienced delivery of information and interactive approach provides very entertaining sessions for attendees.

The results and feedback each has received over the years speaks volumes for their abilities, while their well-booked calendars show an ongoing applicability of the subject matter they cover.

SafeStart Speakers - Don Wilson and Tim Farr
Tim Farr (right) with Don Wilson after his presentation to local chapter members.

Our speakers are available for health and safety conferences, association and corporate speaking opportunities around the globe. 

For corporate speaking requests, please contact your account manager or submit a request on our website. To book our speakers for a conference or association event, please contact:

Ruth Steeves
Events Manager
(905) 467-4432