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SafeStart Sustainability Programs

There's no long-term safety without a safety training sustainability plan. Safety training needs to be consolidated to transform temporary safety gains into permanent parts of a safety culture.

SafeStart follows up its initial safety training roll-out with sustainability options like:

  • additional learning and review units
  • observation and feedback process
  • supervisor training and peer-to-peer conversations
  • orientation training for new hires and contractors
  • toolbox talks and videos
  • compliance topics and lesson plans
  • safety management system integration services
  • signage and communication resources
  • follow-up coaching and assessments

Using best practices to reinforce and repeat key safety skills and concepts, SafeStart will build on past training and keep safety at the front of employees' minds for a lot longer than you thought possible.

These programs and services will establish a long-term increase in employee awareness, increased production, and a stable—and positive—safety culture. All of this is part of a practical, easy-to-follow plan designed to get the most from training time.

SafeStart's complete package of sustainability programs is used by thousands of worksites to bring down injuries—and keep them there. Request more info or learn about SafeStart's unique sustainability measures in a free webinar now.