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Benefits of Construction/Contractors Version

Working from heights, around heavy equipment, and in continually changing environments, construction and contract workers are faced with many hazards on a regular basis.  While the hazards are significant, the challenges involved in training these workers are also significant: transient employees, project deadlines, and even the weather make classroom training difficult to schedule.

With SafeStart Construction/Contractors Version, you’ll get all of the benefits of SafeStart with less classroom time.

You will also get an integrated program to improve personal safety skills, with SafeStart, and then sustain that improvement with SafeTrack, an observation and feedback process, and the SafeStart ToolBox Series, which contains forty toolbox or tailgate sessions.

The skills and messaging are consistent throughout, and all are tailored to the construction industry.  Your workers will relate to the hazards, the job sites and the injuries.  All of the stories and re-enactments are real, ensuring the training is relevant to your workers.

Your workers can also take SafeStart home, enjoying the benefits this 24/7 approach brings to their family and to your worksite.