The benefits of SafeStart

The Benefits of SafeStart

Of course there are the obvious human and financial benefits associated with reducing injuries—which SafeStart does very well—but this program provides many additional benefits.

SafeStart safety training works to reduce injuries both on-the-job and off-the-job (an important aspect of injury prevention according to the NSC1).  It is efficient and cost effective and encourages personal responsibility for safety.

Much of its success can be attributed to its relevance to all employees in all workplaces, their lives outside of work and even to their families. This provides motivation, participation and a positive shift in safety culture.

The learning design and outcomes give employees real techniques that stick with them as part of their everyday lives to keep them safer in any situation.

Unlike a lot of safety training, SafeStart is enjoyable for both the employees and the safety professionals delivering the program.  You are supported with world-class services, resources and ongoing sustainability options.

You will find it improves your other traditional safety efforts like near-miss reporting, JSAs, PPE compliance and accident/incident investigations.  And, it paves the way for an observation and feedback process like SafeTrack.

Beyond your first priority of safety, SafeStart’s error-reducing skills also improve productivity and quality.