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The Benefits of SafeTrack

SafeTrack is an observation and feedback process. It is one of the most effective ways to sustain and improve the SafeStart safety behaviors at your site. It teaches your observers to proactively and positively discuss possible states, errors and CERTs (Critical Error Reduction Techniques) with employees as part of their scheduled observations.

Helping employees to first understand their own injuries with SafeStart states and errors, then following up with meaningful SafeTrack observations has proven to be our clients’ most successful combination.  SafeStart reduces injuries quickly and substantially then SafeTrack provides further reductions and keeps injury rates down on an ongoing basis.

SafeStart teaches people how to keep themselves safe.  SafeTrack teaches people how to keep others from being hurt.

The combination of SafeStart and SafeTrack benefits your observation and feedback process in two important ways:

  1. SafeStart helps create a culture where employees are willing to speak up about safety concerns and use a common language.  This increases employee acceptance of an observation process as non-punitive; employees truly believe that the company cares about their safety 24/7 and isn’t just looking to blame or discipline employees.
  2. Injury reduction will be faster.  Injury reductions usually start about 6 months after a BBS implementation.  This is simply due to the low frequency of being observed – it may be a year before an employee is actually observed and begins the process of behavior change.  SafeStart achieves injury reductions immediately, creating credibility and buy-in for other safety initiatives both with senior management and employees.