Distracted Driving

Has This Big Cause of Driving Fatalities Been Overshadowed?

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t notice that a single driving issue is the cause of 31% of all vehicle-related fatalities. After all, in the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts 2016 this one problem only took up two pages of the 210-page book.

National Work Zone Awareness Week

April 3—7 is National Work Zone Awareness Week, an annual campaign held at the start of construction season to reiterate the importance of driving safely through construction work zones.

Who's Influencing Aggressive Driving? It's Not Who You Think.

We’ve all seen the effects of aggressive driving and road rage. Many companies with extensive fleets conduct some sort of driver safety training. Most of these fleet safety programs focus on the what, where and when of driver safety. But all too often they miss out on an important question—who?