Safety Culture

Additional PPE Considerations for Summer Weather

When the weather gets warmer, it’s hard to keep cool—especially when you work in an industry like construction that requires you to wear personal protective equipment while working outside in the heat.

One Mistake that Kills a Near-Miss Reporting Program

Near-miss reporting is an essential feature of an advanced safety management system. Examining incidents that almost happened or could have happened can go a long way in preventing them from occurring in the future.

How To Identify Workplace Safety Champions

Workplace safety champions are the beating heart of a strong health and safety culture. They are people who are passionate about safety, take an active role on safety committees or lead by example among their peers.

4 Causes of Safety Culture Problems

Nearly every workplace has safety culture problems. And with good reason—workplace cultures grow slowly and can be killed quickly. Four factors can cause particular trouble for safety cultures and lead to negative attitudes towards safety and increased resistance to safety initiatives.

Don’t provide resources for success

Connecting the Safety Dots Between Compliance and Culture

The vast majority of workplaces in North America are dedicated to meeting safety compliance standards as required by law. Ask any safety manager and they’ll tell you that regardless of how well they're doing with compliance issues, they’d also love to have a stronger safety culture and better employee engagement.

How To Affect Safety Culture and Organizational Change

Change is vital in business, especially where safety is concerned. But it can be difficult to get others to embrace change or create a work environment that supports new safety initiatives.

3 Causes of Poor Safety Communication

How people communicate about safety is a major contributor to the success or failure of any safety program. Strong interpersonal communication makes it easy for employees to know what types of safety behavior are expected from them, what management will do to support workplace safety, and what their peers are observing around them.