Safety Training

Are You at Risk of Text Neck and Other Posture Problems?

In a world where technology is supposed to make things better, could it actually make our posture worse? With the risk of text neck becoming an epidemic, it’s a very real possibility.

Can Visuals Unlock More Engaging Safety Training?

Safety training doesn’t have to be boring—in fact, it mustn’t be boring. The whole point of safety training is to teach people how to be safe and warn them of hazards in the workplace. This information is vital and must be retained. But who remembers a dry or uninspired safety lecture?

Additional PPE Considerations for Summer Weather

When the weather gets warmer, it’s hard to keep cool—especially when you work in an industry like construction that requires you to wear personal protective equipment while working outside in the heat.

Make Safety Training More Engaging With Stories

A safety instructor’s teaching style has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of classroom training. How many people remember all the key content of a boring or repetitive safety training session? Very few, if any. Even if the safety trainer is knowledgeable, if their attitude and ability to engage is lacking then the training will be too.