Winter Safety

Winter PPE Essentials

When working outdoors, especially in extreme temperatures, personal protective equipment must defend employees against the weather in addition to the risks associated with the job. For most PPE this means added insulation, cold resistance and other enhanced features.

The Link Between Shoveling Snow and Workplace Back Injuries

For many of us living in the northern United States and Canada, snow is an unavoidable reality of winter. With the amount of time spent shoveling the driveway and scraping ice off the car, few people want to give any more thought to snow than they have to.

But that means it’s especially important to have regular conversations about it at work. And here’s why.

The Hidden Danger of Winter Driving

Winter brings with it a whole host of problems, from the risk of frostbite to an increase in ice-related slips and falls. But one hazard that’s often overlooked has nothing to do with freezing temperatures.