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Construction/Contractors Version Results

After implementing SafeStart at more than 10,000 sites worldwide in more than 60 countries and 32+ languages—training more than 3,000,000 people—we know SafeStart works and we know how to implement it to ensure that it continues to work for you.  It is a process that will deliver results well beyond the expectation and lifetime of other safety training programs.

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With stats like these it is easy to see why SafeStart is the most successful safety training process in the world.  No other program or process can compare or has had this level of impact—especially when you consider both on-the-job and off-the-job injury reductions.

Since the Construction/Contractors version of SafeStart and SafeTrack is a recent development, most of our results are based on the original programs.  We are expecting even greater results to materialize from our construction industry clients because of the customizations we’ve made and the fact that the program incorporates the best of the proven success factors of both SafeStart and SafeTrack.


We’re excited to see our construction clients earn awards from their SafeStart results—like our clients in other industries have achieved. Schneider Electric, for example, was awarded the NSC’s Green Cross for Safety in 2011.

Read the Schneider Electric case study to see how and why they incorporated SafeStart into their overall safety management system.

SafeStart Program Schneider Results

Or view the final press release for Holcim winning The Overall Award for Health and Safety Innovation for its SafeStart initiative at its Brisbane and Gold Coast operations. The initiative is credited with a 33 per cent reduction in the Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR).

Then explore some of the results that over 3,000 other companies have achieved in the resources on this page.


I truly feel that the main reasons we received these awards is the implementation of the SafeStart program, our Strains & Sprains reduction project and the continued advancement of our Zero injuries philosophy.

         — Mark Hawley, Manager Safety and Health Services
             Alliant Energy (press release)