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Continuing Education and Maintenance Points


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are generally used as a measure for professionals to maintain their designations or license. A CEU is most often defined as ten hours of participation in a continuing education program pertinent to the participant’s occupation. The term Maintenance Points or CMPs are used by some certification boards and are similar to CEUs but may have more detailed requirements or different durations than CEUs (1 CEU may not equal 1 Maintenance Point).

The term CEU is in the public domain. Any organization may award a traditional CEU without requiring any accreditation, so organizations that require designated members to complete CEUs to maintain their designation must decide on an individual basis whether to honor the CEU from a training provider. In other words, in most cases you will need to check with your governing body or employer whether participation in our workshops will qualify for CEUs or maintenance points towards your designation or profession. For the two most common designations our attendees typically have (CRSP and CSP), we have outlined how SafeStart qualifies, but for other designations you will need to investigate further on their respective websites or within the documentation you received when acquiring those designations.

Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs)

In Canada, Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs) for the CRSP designation are determined and awarded by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

Though the BCRSP no longer pre-approves workshops, they have previously awarded 0.5 and 1.5 CM points for our 1-Day and 3-Day Workshops respectively. Our upcoming events contain the same number of technical hours as previous (a minimum of 6 hours per day) and may be eligible for BCRSP CM points. See for CM point criteria.