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We are proud to hold personal and corporate memberships with these and other associations.  We recognize and mirror their collective and members efforts for improving safety for employees and their families and show our support by sponsoring their conferences and other activities throughout the year such as NAOSH week.  If you’re not already a member, please investigate at their websites below.

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We are also committed to the Conference Board of Canada’s Senior Executive Health and Safety Leadership Charter to visibly promote an awareness of health and safety culture in Canada. Learn more at

Free Safety Resources for Non-Profits

We support our clients’ local initiatives, allowing free use of SafeStart Home resources for non-profit organizations. You can request materials at our SafeStart “Home” website.

Many of our clients have shared their enthusiasm and expertise to introduce SafeStart safety awareness skills to their community groups and their children’s classrooms (see Cub Pack photo top of page).


Larry Wilson visits Girl Guides and Sparks to show them the Boo Boo Bandits and teach them hazard recognition to keep them safe.