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Dennis Carnrike

Dennis Carnrike, Director of Implementation Services, has been with SafeStart since 1999. Dennis attended Ryerson University where he achieved his certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. For over 14 years he has been working with numerous companies on their implementation of SafeStart, including small sites and very large, well-known corporations like Johnson Controls, Honda, Air Canada and Weyerhaeuser to name a few.

Dennis brings a relaxed, common sense, and practical approach to ensuring that companies are successful at integrating the SafeStart process into their culture and safety systems.
In addition to evaluating and recommending improvements to our own implementation services,  Dennis travels to client sites conducting follow-up visits and site assessments using his extensive experience to identify and recommend opportunities for improvement that will help ensure their long-term success with the process.

To schedule a follow-up visit and site assessment with Dennis or discuss how he can help you evaluate and improve your SafeStart results, please contact him or your account manager.

Additionally, learn more about the Follow-up Visit service and objectives.