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Description/Details of Construction/Contractors Version


After your Trainer certification, SafeStart Construction/Contractors is delivered in a classroom setting, with your own employees and/or our experienced consultants as facilitators. There are 2 sessions each taking 2 hours, ideally delivered one week apart, or, at the most two weeks apart. Each session consists of video exercises, storytelling, group discussion and self-study workbook activities.  All employees, including temporary workers, management and office staff, should be trained with SafeStart (original version) or SafeStart Construction/Contractors.


SafeTrack Observer training is delivered in a classroom setting and “on-the-job”, often using our consultants as facilitators although a 3-Day Trainer Certification option is available. The observers trained in SafeTrack are usually a 50/50 mix of supervisors and permanent hourly employees. Normally 20% of the workforce is trained in the first year, with an additional 10% trained each subsequent year.

Additional Components

See the list of products and services available to assist with your implementation in the middle column; some are mandatory and some are optional.  The optional components are strongly recommended to ensure your long-term success and to fully develop these programs into a process that meshes with your overall safety management system.