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SafeStart Integration Service

The SafeStart Integration Service helps improve safety performance and ensures your ongoing success with our process by incorporating the SafeStart language, concepts and techniques into the various elements of your overall safety management system.

Integrating SafeStart will improve the quality of all system elements by addressing the human factors in each. It will keep SafeStart concepts and techniques top of mind so they don’t fade away and it’s the best way to safeguard the investment you’ve made in training by making it part of your long-term company lexicon and culture regardless of other company changes that occur in the future.

You’re the expert on your system, and we’re the experts on SafeStart so collaboration is critical to maximize your success. Together we’ll ensure the right SafeStart pieces are put in the right places at the right time.


After the Critical Error Reduction Techniques Unit #5 training is completed your account manager will schedule a conference call between your team and one of our integration consultants to review your safety management system and develop a prioritized multi-phased plan to address each element.

It’s best to start with the most proactive injury prevention components of your safety management system:

  • Near Miss Reporting
  • JSA/JHA or Field Level Risk Assessment

Once these two areas are working well it will be easier to integrate into other high-yield elements:

  • Accident/Incident Investigation
  • Compliance Training
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Observation & Feedback Process

The final stage is to incorporate SafeStart into the remaining components of your safety management system giving priority to the ones offering you the most opportunity for improvement.

Client Samples

View these few samples of how clients have integrated SafeStart into their safety system. Each client integrates SafeStart differently—our consultants work with you to ensure your integration is done in the most efficient and effective manner for you.


The cost of this service is based on our standard consulting rates; the number of hours/days required to prepare and train your team will be dependent on the scope of your project.