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Four SafeStart Stories Common to Your Workplace Safety

A large part of SafeStart Third Edition is real people telling stories about real injuries or close calls they’ve had as a result of unintentional errors that relate to everyone, everywhere—at work, at home and on the road.

Like employees at your workplace, these four people all experienced an injury or close call when their state of mind caused them to make one or more critical errors—errors SafeStart techniques prevent. Watch two or more of these SafeStart Stories, and then see below to consider your own personal injury history and how all of this relates to your workplace safety.

The common element between these seemingly unrelated stories and your workplace safety is the state-to-error pattern which occurs everywhere, every day and is involved in almost all injuries.

Can you think of a time you or your employees have been hurt when at least one of the SafeStart states or errors (see Figure 1) was a contributing factor? Almost everyone has lots of examples.

Conversely, can you think of a time you’ve been hurt (not including sports or combat) when one of the states or errors was not a contributing factor? Most people have very few or no examples for their entire lifetime.