SafeStart - At Work, At Home, On the Road


Sustained awareness. Sustained success.

When safety awareness is up, injuries are down—it’s a powerful concept at the heart of SafeStart training.

SafeStart takes safety awareness to the next level by reinforcing knowledge with practical techniques that will help workers stay more alert to risk all day, every day, anywhere and in every industry.

Improved awareness is then maintained over the long term with a variety of effective sustainability measures.

Fewer injuries. Better productivity.

Companies experience a 50% injury reduction on average, along with more near-miss reporting, better supervisory and peer-to-peer communication and fewer risky shortcuts.

SafeStart also provides a host of production benefits, from fewer defective parts and costly errors to higher morale and increased production speeds.

Train smarter. Not longer.

SafeStart is one of the most efficient safety training programs for value of time spent training—because workers learn transferrable skills that keep them safer in all aspects of their job and life outside of work.

This means fewer slips, trips and falls, better PPE compliance, curbing distracted driving and more. All from one training program.

Improve engagement and safety culture.

SafeStart gives safety managers and supervisors an effective playbook to secure employee buy-in for safety. With everyone on the same page, the safety culture gets stronger.

With its unique leverage points and “sticky” concepts, SafeStart engages employees and keeps them committed to safety 24/7.