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Overall, the concepts SafeStart employs fall into the broad category of safety awareness and personal safety skills development—one of three primary components of a world-class or optimum safety system (Fig. 1).

SafeStart Concept Components - Figure 1

Figure 1
Components of an optimum safety system according to Gary A. Higbee, EMBA, CSP1.

More specifically, it focuses on the human factors that are involved in the majority of incidents and injuries.  States like rushing, frustration, fatigue and complacency lead to unintentional, risk-increasing errors like eyes and mind not on task, being in or moving into the line-of-fire or losing your balance, traction or grip (see Fig. 2a).

SafeStart Concepts
Figure 2
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It also provides awareness of the root causes of injuries and how in most cases it is our own actions that contribute to our injuries (see Figure 2b).

But, it doesn’t stop at awareness.  The course provides specific critical error reduction techniques (see Figure 2c) participants can use to reduce their risk of injury in any situation—at work, at home or on the road.