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SafeStart Description and Details

After your in-house or public trainer certification, SafeStart is delivered in a classroom setting, typically with your own employees as facilitators or you may choose our trainers to deliver all or some of the course. There are 5 sessions each taking 120 minutes, ideally delivered weekly or every two weeks. Each session consists of video exercises, story-telling, group discussion and self-study workbook activities.

All employees, including managers and senior leadership, should participate in SafeStart training.

The following products are available to assist with your implementation; some are mandatory and some are optional.

SafeStart Employee License Fee

Each employee must have an Employee License Fee, which includes a set of five self-study workbooks with real stories about real people and how they can learn from their common injuries. The workbooks take a non-punitive, self-discovery, 24/7 approach to safety to show the personal value and applicability of the program.

Employees also receive their own copy of the SafeStart Home Kit to help them teach SafeStart to their family. The workbook content and home activities together provide motivation and increased participation.

There is also a series of SafeStart cards they will use throughout the course for reference and afterwards for practice and skill-building purposes.

SafeStart Leader's Kit

Each facilitator requires a Leader’s Kit which includes a binder with detailed written instructions and a disk with PowerPoint presentation slides, speaker notes and linked videos. Facilitators can register online to access EAU Leader Resources and other product updates.

Sustainability Programs

The SafeStart Program is constantly evolving. Since its inception, we have added several programs and continue to develop additional course content to extend the learning over a period of years.

We have also developed our Implementation Services into formalized offerings with robust resources to ensure our clients are successful.

SafeStart Optional Products
SafeStart Sustainability Programs