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SafeStart Extended Application Units


Following your implementation of the core SafeStart units, the SafeStart Extended Application Units (EAUs) complete the SafeStart course by applying what participants learned in the core to critical decisions.

The EAUs will not only help you fully realize the potential of injury reductions within specific applications (like sprains and strains), they will also sustain your core injury prevention results by maintaining enthusiasm, continuing the learning process and practicing the critical error reduction techniques to form positive safety habits.

While the EAUs reinforce the original SafeStart training, they teach much more advanced concepts and techniques to further develop employee safety skills.

These units provide up to 5 years of SafeStart sustainability depending on your training schedule.  Each of these enhancement units take about 90–120 minutes.

The EAUs follow the same delivery format as the core units with interactive, reality-based video segments, advanced story-telling techniques and instructor-led presentations and group exercises.

Implementation Options

In-house trainers certified to deliver the core units can deliver the EAUs without further training or certification because of the similar delivery format.  However, because of the more complex concepts covered in these units, it is recommended that they use the services of our consultants to ensure these sessions are delivered effectively.

You can leverage our consultants in two ways to help you prepare for your EAU training:

  1. Private Online Learning Events - This is a great option for companies that have one or two trainers per EAU. The online sessions can be customized and scheduled based on the client’s and trainers’ needs. Please contact your SafeStart account manager to discuss and schedule.
  2. On-site EAU Train-the-Trainer - One of our consultants will travel to your site to conduct in-person EAU training for your trainers. You can view a sample agenda and consultant bios online and contact your SafeStart account manager to discuss and schedule.