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SafeStart Home and Awards Conceptual Overview

Children get hurt (cuts, bruises, scrapes, etc.) about 20 times per week.  By the time you’re an adult, you only get hurt about 20 times per year—a 5,000 percent improvement.  THEN we give you workplace safety training.  No wonder some of our employees don’t want it.  We all think we’re safe enough already!

So, how do we encourage employees to make the effort required to learn the SafeStart CERTs (Critical Error Reduction Techniques) for improving their personal safety skills?

The core SafeStart workplace training provides motivation (yes, it’s worth it) and ability (yes, I can do it) by giving them the awareness and skills to reduce errors and injuries, 24/7.  The SafeStart Home program adds an additional layer of motivation and ability.


Ask most people, and they think the most dangerous places are workplaces—factories, mines, and oil rigs.  In SafeStart classes, employees learn that workers are actually 13 times¹ more likely to die off-the-job due to unintentional injury, which motivates them to learn the skills that will keep them and their family safe 24/7.

During SafeStart classes, employees share personal stories about off-the-job injuries, helping them realize they aren’t “safe enough” and neither are their loved ones.

They also learn the distressing statistics about children: over 7,000 children die, in the United States and Canada alone, due to accidental injury every year¹.  They also learn that young drivers are 4 times as likely to have a fatal accident.

And if that’s not enough motivation, there is a SafeStart funded Awards Program.  Your employees can win great prizes instantly, and the chance at a grand prize, simply by phoning a toll-free hotline and answering 4 True/False questions about the SafeStart content.


As employees progress through the SafeStart units, their skills improve immediately.  Many people report that “I drove home differently” after the first unit.  There are practice cards and exercises throughout the course so employees can apply what they learn and see their skills improving.

Each employee is given a SafeStart Home Kit to teach what they learn in an enjoyable way to their children and spouses.   There is also access to the online course or they can share their workbooks with their family. This process of teaching others improves the safety skills and habits of the employee dramatically², which translates to improved safety performance at work.