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SafeStart Home and Awards Implementation


Before you even begin your SafeStart implementation, it is important to help your leadership group understand and demonstrate their commitment to the Home program. After they participate in a Leading SafeStart session, they are encouraged to take SafeStart home to their own families to set a positive example and facilitate meaningful conversations with employees.

Employee Delivery

Delivering the Home and Awards program to the employees is easy. Full instructions for incorporating the home elements into the standard SafeStart classes are provided right in your in-house trainers’ Leaders Guide, with a brief introduction in Unit 1 and a full demonstration in Unit 5.  Usually the Home kits are handed out at the end of Unit 5.

You do have the option of presenting the Awards program to your employees in Unit 1, rather than waiting for Unit 5.  Employees can call the hotline as soon as they have finished each unit at work.  You may find this creates some extra enthusiasm for your workplace training, as well as “Taking SafeStart Home” later.  The Leader's Guide supports both options.  Make this decision based on what is most suitable for your culture and training goals.

Ensure your trainers have a handout ready with instructions for the Awards program and the online course. A sample is available on the Client Resources section of the website.  Some people don't participate simply because they assume it will be complicated—your trainers need to be ready to demonstrate just how easy it is to participate.