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SafeStart Home and Awards Languages

Keeping up with ongoing translations of our core program keeps us and our international partners pretty busy and means our Home program is almost always in a constant state of development.

We’re adding new languages as quickly as possible, but not all languages will have a home component and those that do, may not have the full selection of four DVDs.  Usually, the Taking SafeStart Home DVD is our first priority as it provides the best learning opportunity for the widest range of audience. You will find that this program alone will sufficiently aid your employees in communicating the basic SafeStart concepts with their family members.  They can also take their workbooks home for family members to read.

Since our Home program is provided free of charge with your SafeStart implementation, rest assured we will always give you the latest available components for the languages you require.

Note: If you require a language that is not listed, please contact us to see if it is currently in development.

SafeStart Awards Languages Currently Available

The Awards program is currently only available in English and only for North American sites.