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SafeStart Home and Awards Program Benefits

Whether your focus is strictly on improving your workplace safety record, or reducing injuries everywhere, SafeStart Home is a critical component to your success because it improves safety performance both at work and off-the-job.

SafeStart Home

The SafeStart Home program improves your workplace safety record by increasing participation in, motivation for and retention of the workplace safety training.

Regardless of their own views on their personal safety, every employee holds the safety of their loved ones in the highest regard.  So, at the very first SafeStart class when you inform them they will be given resources to take home to their families to help keep them safe, you will automatically capture their attention and get their full participation throughout the course.

Also, research shows that when trainees teach what they’ve learned to others, it dramatically improves their retention of knowledge.  So in this case, when they teach the SafeStart concepts and techniques to their families they will be improving their own knowledge of SafeStart which will improve their safety skills and habits at work.

SafeStart Learning Pyramid
Figure 1
Average retention of material presented in different ways (according to an investigation by National Training Laboratories — Bethel, Maine)

The SafeStart Home program is also a key factor in creating a positive shift in safety culture through improved safety attitudes, increased team communication and better morale.  By offering this program to their families and fully supporting the initiative, company leaders are demonstrating they truly care about safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not just their bottom line or government regulation.

Companies seeking a world-class safety system have realized that it requires a 24/7 approach. Off-the-job injury rates are almost always higher than on-the-job injury rates, and off-the-job injuries are costly to your company in many ways—even though measuring these costs can be difficult. The National Safety Council has made a presentation available that you can use to calculate the cost to your company and demonstrate why your corporation should be looking at improving safety performance outside the confines of the workplace.

Therefore, one of the biggest benefits SafeStart Home brings is the reduction of injuries off-the-job for your employees and their families.