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SafeStart Home and Awards Results

You will see for yourself, the immediate results of attentiveness and participation from your employees at their first SafeStart class when you start talking about the Home program and how it will help them keep their family safe.  Even your most passive employees will engage, arms will uncross, and slouched backs will straighten.

You will also begin seeing the impact that SafeStart can have at home when employees start sharing stories or even projects that their kids have created as a result of learning about SafeStart.

Like any off-the-job safety initiative, the measurement of these results can be hard to quantify, but are valuable none-the-less.  The very fact that our clients and their employees have taken such proactive steps as organizing family safety days (photos, above) or teaching their local cub pack is a testament to the affect SafeStart has had on their own lives.  They also share stories, feedback and testimonials (Testimonials brochure) which provide positive indicators of participation and safety behavior change.

Where you will see quantifiable results is in the improvements to your workplace safety record, stemming from employees further developing their own safety skills and habits by teaching others at home.


Components of our Home program have also been recognized with awards for educational content, concept and children/family programming.