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SafeStart Employee License Fee (ELF)

A license fee must be purchased for all employees at a site who will receive any communication or training based on the SafeStart intellectual property.  The license fee is for the right to use the SafeStart concepts/intellectual property at the facility.  By purchasing a license fee for every employee on site, the site is authorized to incorporate the SafeStart concepts into their compliance training, accident/incident investigations, JSAs, signage, corporate communications, etc.

The license fee will include all materials that might/should be used by the individual, including workbooks, Home Kit and other resources.  Detailed descriptions of the materials included follow:

SafeStart Workbooks

There are five workbooks shipped in a three-ring binder for protection and storage between each unit’s classroom sessions. The self-study workbooks contain real stories about real people and how they can learn from their common injuries. The workbooks take a non-punitive, self-discovery, 24/7 approach to safety to show the personal value and applicability of the program.

The workbooks are a critical component to the overall learning process.  Participants really need to read and internalize the content.  We’ve made this easy by keeping the reading level low, offering the workbooks in more than 30 languages and using the question and answer format so they can quickly compare their decisions with the answers of what most other people selected.  We tell employees that there is no “right” or “wrong” answers—with the understanding that the simple process of comparing their answers increases thinking and aids retention.

Home Kit and Awards Program

To help them teach SafeStart to their family, employees receive their own copy of the SafeStart Home Kit which includes 4 DVDs, access to the online course and the opportunity for their family to participate in the SafeStart-funded Awards program.  An “Awards” brochure is also included in the binder to help create excitement about the prizes that await them and their family.

Additional Resources

A tent card is provided to aid the instructor with the names of participants during the session.

There is also a series of SafeStart cards they will use throughout the course for reference and afterwards for practice and skill-building purposes.

A SafeStart Completion Certificate is provided for each employee.