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Leading SafeStart

It is imperative that site leadership has buy-in and active support for the SafeStart process. Two sessions are available to accomplish this.

  1. Site Stakeholder Session [Agenda]
    This session introduces the SafeStart concepts and gains buy-in and active support for the implementation. It should include representatives from all stakeholder groups: supervisors to C-Level, as well as members of your safety/training department, members of your joint health & safety committee, and potential SafeStart trainers. A full day is recommended, but this session can be completed in a minimum of 4.5 hours. Resources required: SafeStart ELF and Leading SafeStart workbook for each attendee.
  2. Leading SafeStart 24/7 - Leadership Support [Agenda]
    This four hour workshop is held to ensure site leadership provides support for SafeStart before, during and after the implementation.  Attendees complete the Leading SafeStart Workbook to draft specific commitments for on-the-job and off-the-job activities.

Leading SafeStart Workbook

Each participant in the Leadership sessions above will require a Leading SafeStart Workbook.  The workbook is designed in the same question and answer format as the workbooks that employees use in their training—designed with the same learning methodology to help leaders develop their own understanding of what SafeStart is, what they need to do to support the initiative and why their ongoing efforts will influence the overall outcome of the training.

Personal Action Plan

During the Leadership Support session, participants will create a Personal Action Plan summarizing the commitments they made to support this process during and following rollout. The plans are collected and then returned to participants two months later to remind them of the commitments they made.