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SafeStart Leader's Kit

Each facilitator requires a Leader’s Kit which includes detailed written instructions and electronic presentation slides—covering the core five units with downloads available for the Extended Application Units or EAUs.

The classroom exercises trainers deliver using the leader’s materials incorporate a variety of proven adult learning principles (see Figure 1) to facilitate the thorough development of the concepts and help participants retain the knowledge.  In particular, it fosters personal story-telling with both the trainers and participants to increase awareness, communication, participation, and overall learning.

SafeStart Learning Pyramid
Figure 1 Average retention of material presented in different ways (according to an investigation by National Training Laboratories — Bethel, Maine)

In addition to our standard SafeStart Leader’s Kit, there is a customized version specifically for our Construction/Contractors program.

The print leader’s guides allow for note-taking during public or in-house Trainer Certification sessions and provide reference and preparation assistance before employee training.

The presentation slides contain videos and speaker notes robust enough to easily guide trainers through the presentations without the need to refer to the print leader’s guides during the sessions.  This allows for a smooth and timely delivery of the content giving trainers the opportunity to focus on their stories and examples throughout the course.

Additional Resources and Support

Regardless of the implementation services you choose, you will be supported throughout your training with ongoing webinars, consultant and account management support and client resources on our website.