SafeStart Steering Committee

SafeStart Steering Committee

The steering committee plays a critical role in the overall success of SafeStart.  The role of the SafeStart Steering Committee is two-fold:

  • To organize, promote and implement activities and events that foster participation and continuous improvement of the safety skills for both employees and their families 24/7.
  • To ensure that SafeStart concepts are incorporated into the company’s ongoing safety management system

The steering committee training session combined with the resource binder will ensure your steering committee understands what needs to be done, when and why, while making it easier to get everything done more efficiently.

The committee should consist of about six members. Of course, the size of the committee can and should be larger when the work load warrants or when there are more than 600 employees at a single facility.  For more details about steering committees, roles, responsibilities and member selection you can view this document.

Steering Committee Binder

Each member of your steering committee requires a binder for the session below and for reference after the training.  The binder contains detailed instructions and planning guides to allow the group to easily create an action plan including timelines and milestones to keep everything on track.

Sample meeting agendas are provided to ensure you are covering important aspects at each steering committee meeting.

There are also numerous client samples, templates and content for newsletters or other communications and resources for generating ideas and increasing your speed of implementation.

Steering Committee Session

In this four hour training session, we give your SafeStart Steering Committee the training and resources to build concrete action plans to support SafeStart, both during the implementation and as an ongoing component of your regular Safety Management System.

Participants must have attended at least one of the leadership introduction, employee overview or Trainer Certification sessions.

View the Steering Committee Agenda.