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SafeTrack Workshops

In many cases, personalized SafeTrack training is conducted on-site by one of our qualified consultants, however, we do offer this public SafeTrack event once per year as an option for you. There are two types of public SafeTrack workshops; a 2-Day Observer Training Workshop, and a 3-Day Trainer Certification. See the following workshop descriptions, or to learn more, contact one of our SafeTrack specialists, sign-up for a webinar or visit the SafeTrack section of our site.

2-Day Observer Training Workshop

Attending this 2-day workshop will provide participants with the skills they need to effectively conduct more and better safety observations within their organization.

Participants will first learn about the many benefits of an observation and feedback process and the critical success factors involved in starting, maintaining and improving a behavior-based safety program.

This workshop also provides a good overview of behavioral safety programs and allows you to fully evaluate SafeTrack under the guidance of the author and/or one of our senior trainers.

Reasons for Attending
  • Investigate observation and feedback training and how it can reduce injuries, improve safety culture and save money
  • Learn about SafeTrack and how it significantly reduces injuries
  • Learn specific techniques for identifying critical errors, observing others, communicating effectively, and improving safety
Who Should Attend
  • All levels of Safety Personnel
  • Plant/Site Managers
  • Anyone who will be involved in conducting observations or talking with employees about safety
  • Anyone involved or interested in behavior based safety
  • Anyone interested in learning more about SafeTrack
  • SafeStart clients ready for the next step in safety improvements

$795 (USD) per person (+tax)