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Site Stakeholder Sessions

This on-site session is tailored specifically to your company—providing you with a relevant evaluation of SafeStart and an opportunity to have your specific questions answered.

You will learn how a safety training program designed to improve personal safety skills can have company-wide advantages that extend well beyond its primary goal of keeping your employees safe.

Of course employee safety is priority one—with us and with you—so this session will introduce site stakeholders to the proven concepts SafeStart employs to reduce injuries quickly and significantly.  But this session also examines the many other benefits SafeStart brings, including: reduced human factor incidents that negatively affect production, quality, equipment, and finances as well as improvements in team communication and overall safety compliance, participation and culture.

Executive and financial management will be able to assess SafeStart based on its proven financial merits. Plant and operations management will see the applicability to their KPIs in production and quality. Together, with the safety department’s input and objectives, everyone will formulate the business case for safety and make the direct connection between saving lives and saving money.


Since SafeStart’s benefits extend beyond the safety department it’s critical that stakeholders and decision-makers from all areas are present to ensure a site-wide evaluation is made based on their specific KPIs.

This includes:

  • representation from supervisors up to and including C level from operations, quality, production, customer service and finance
  • members of the safety/training department, current joint health & safety committee members and any potential SafeStart trainers
  • union representatives should also attend if applicable

Included Materials

Materials are ordered based on a minimum of 15 participants, including:

  • 15 sets of 5 SafeStart: Critical Error Reduction Techniques workbooks in a binder with Home Kit
  • 15 sets of 6 techniques cards, 8 story cards and 8 practice cards
  • 15 copies of the SafeStart self-study Learning Portfolio
  • 1 copy of the Leading SafeStart workbook with Personal Action Plan
  • 1 copy of the author’s book, Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms
  • 1 set of 6 SafeStart: Critical Decisions workbooks and 1 SafeStart: Review Unit workbook for reference

      (Total value over $2,000)


$1,750 for up to 15 participants + $115 for each additional participant

NOTE: You will not have to re-purchase materials for these participants so you will recoup the majority of the cost of this service when you move forward with SafeStart.