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24/7 Safety

A world-class safety system requires a 24/7 approach. Off-the-job injury rates are almost always higher than on-the-job injury rates, and off-the-job injuries are costly in many ways—from reduced productivity to high replacement and retraining expenses.

The SafeStart Home & Awards program is a key factor in creating a positive shift in safety culture through improved safety attitudes, increased team communication and better morale. It leverages employees’ natural motivation and leads to:

  • increased participation in workplace training
  • a positive safety culture
  • improved retention of safety training by teaching others

SafeStart Home & Awards is a critical component to safety success. It improves safety performance at work and off-the-job in ways that can’t be achieved with other programs. The end result is:

  • fewer off-the-job injuries and better workplace productivity
  • a demonstrated company commitment to the safety of employees and their families
  • a SafeStart-funded incentive program to kick-start participation

The benefits of the SafeStart Home & Awards program are only available to SafeStart participants.