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Promotional Items


It is a good idea to support your SafeStart initiative with promotional items.  This can really help launch the program, create awareness and momentum for your initiative and keep this momentum going post-rollout.

The first and easiest step is to simply purchase our Communication Kit which will supply you with relevant and timely banners, posters, tent cards, inserts and more.  With this as your basis, you should consider adding other items as you see fit.

Providing employees with items such as clothing, bags, drink ware, or safety-related products—either as prizes or gifts for all—shows your investment and commitment to this new process.

To make the acquisition of these items easier, we have engaged the services of Talbot Marketing.  They have artwork ready and are authorized to put the official SafeStart logo on a wide range of promotional items for you.  They can source just about anything for you, and prepare a customized quote. Please note that minimum quantities may be applicable. The primary benefit of using Talbot is that they make it easier and quicker for you to get items produced because they have artwork pre-formatted and pre-approved for most applications.

SafeStart clients are also authorized to use their own provider of promotional items. Simply contact your SafeStart account manager to request the SafeStart logo artwork and guidelines. There is no fee for this.